iSky Aerial Photography is a Local Launceston, Tasmanian owned company offering aerial photography, aerial video and aerial 3D mapping services. For Hard Access Inspections, Crop Monitoring, Real Estate, Adverting, Weedings & 3D Mapping

        Matt: 0419596382

        Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, 7250

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iSky Aerial Photography is a Launceston, Tasmanian owned business offering ground / aerial photography, Video, 3D mapping, Construction Site / Hard Access Inspections, Crop Monitoring, Real Estate Photography , Adverting, Weedings


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3D Mapping

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3D Mapping / Modelling


Aerial Images



Completed High Detailed

Interactive 3D Model


Documenting site evolution from an aerial perspective

Real Estate

Experience property's in cost effective 3D Modelling

Agriculture / Viticulture

Capture your field, map the invisible with ( NDVI ) Mapping

                                                                  (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index)


Emergency Response

Critical data, when you need it most


3D Modelling for safe virtual inspections

View the as-built situation of your site for up-to-date measurements and continued analysis, as well as volumetric measurements for more efficient earthwork management.

Locate defects in 3D from images, visualize structural details from many angles, model thermal behavior of a building or solar panel and export orthomosaics from any plane.

Images are converted into accurate index maps, like NDVI, and orthomosaics of your fields: giving you vital information for quick response, better yields and operational efficiency.

Critical information of emergency scenarios for fast decisions and better management. can operate in areas larger aircraft can't

Navigate through your model, observing property and surroundings in detail from an aerial perspective. Create customized fly-through videos to share with clients.

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